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The Kongskilde Industrial Aspirator (KIA) uses an innovative way of separating light impurities or dust from re-processed material or granulated plastic.
The re-processed material enters the KIA via a gravity feed pipe into the main body where the material enters an upward air stream. The light impurities are removed and evacuated to the dust cyclone and filter socks using the fan which is mounted on top of the KIA.
The re-processed material then falls through the bottom outlet of the aspirator.
The KIA has become a bench mark in PET bottle re-processing with many companies worldwide using it as their preferred method of removing label fragments after initial size reduction.
This cost effective and low maintenance system offers payback in a relatively short period of time. The KIA range has a capacity to handle throughputs of 300 – 2250kg/hr depending on the type of re-processed material. The KIA is able to clean both shredded and granulated plastic. It is suited in both in-house recycling or at a materials recycling facility.

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